About us

         We're a small fabrication shop located in Alvin, Tx just south of Houston. We started out in 2018 doing mostly automotive but over the years weve been doing so much more. Anything from home decor to small industrial jobs, We fabricate it all! 
   Weve also lent a hand helping develop a couple of industrial cleaning and inspection processes. check out the links below

HEXIS      Patent  US 11,326,844 B2

HVTI        Patent  US 11,150,218 B2

Here are some services we provide 

•CNC plasma cutting  
•Tube and pipe bending 
•Welding- Tig & Mig
•custom metal fabrication
•custom chassis 
•air ride suspension 
•body drops 
•roll cages 
•differential narrowing
•custom sheet metal work
•home decor 
•metal furniture 
•and so much more 

You think of it we can build it!